All-Decade All-Stars

The R&R Cat Cast All-Decade All-Stars was an idea we had to put together a list of the best player for each position group for the Bobcats from 2010-2019.  This is not a typical All-Star “Team” as our goal was not to compile a player at every typical starting position; rather to decide on who we thought was the best to play at a certain position group as a whole.  This means fewer players were selected as there were fewer spots up for grabs.  For example our list includes the best linebacker, period, regardless of whether they were a middle or outside linebacker.

The Panel:

Ryan Thornburg

Ryan Thornburg

R&R Cat Cast
MSU 2001-2008
Ryan Foley

Ryan Foley

R&R Cat Cast
MSU 2001-2006
Shane Driscoll

Shane Driscoll

Bobcat Outsider
MSU 2001-2008

Along with the panel, each spot was put up to a Twitter vote.  Ultimately each panelist’s vote was worth 1 point, as was the winner of the Twitter poll.  Luckily we had no ties so no tie-breaker was necessary, although there was a Twitter tie for linebacker between Alex Singleton and Mac Bignell.

Below lists the winner for each position group, and the voting results.  As you can see, the Bobcats had a ton of talent to choose from in the 2010s.

*Designates a unanimous selection

DeNarius Mcghee*

Thorny - McGhee
Foley - McGhee
Shane - McGhee
Twitter - McGhee

Running Back
Cody Kirk*

Thorny - Kirk
Foley - Kirk
Shane - Kirk
Twitter - Kirk

Chad Newell

Thorny - Tray Robinson
Foley - Newell
Shane - Newell
Twitter - Newell

Wide Reciever
Elvis Akpla

Thorny - Akpla
Foley - Tanner Bleskin
Shane - Akpla
Twitter - Akpla

Tight End
Tiai Salanoa

Thorny - Salanoa
Foley - Salanoa
Shane - Salanoa
Twitter - Beau Sandland

Mike Person

Thorny - Person
Foley - J.P. Flynn
Shane - Mitch Brott
Twitter - Person

Shaun Sampson

Thorny - Sampson
Foley - Sampson
Shane - Alex Neale
Twitter - Sampson

Defensive Line
Zach Minter

Thorny - Minter
Foley - Minter
Shane - Derek Marks
Twitter - Minter

Defensive End
Brad Daly

Thorny - Daly
Foley - Daly
Shane - Caleb Schreibeis
Twitter - Daly

Jody Owens

Thorny - Owens
Foley - Owens
Shane - Owens
Twitter - Tie Mac Bignell/Alex Singleton

Deonte Flowers

Thorny - Flowers
Foley - Flowers
Shane - Tyrel Thomas
Twitter - Flowers

Brayden Konkol

Thorny - Konkol
Foley - Konkol
Shane - Konkol
Twitter - Konkol

Jered Padmos*

Thorny - Padmos
Foley - Padmos
Shane - Padmos
Twitter - Padmos

Jason Cunningham*

Thorny - Cunningham
Foley - Cunningham
Shane - Cunningham
Twitter - Cunningham

Shawn Johnson*

Thorny - Johnson
Foley - Johnson
Shane - Johnson
Twitter - Johnson

Troy Andersen*

Thorny - Andersen
Foley - Andersen
Shane - Andersen
Twitter - Andersen

There you have it!  The R&R Cat Cast All-Decade All-Stars.
Make sure to listen to the podcast, which is where we each voted “live” while recording: